I really, really like GarageBand.

It’s just so cool that you can throw a few loops together, lay down some tracks with a MIDI keyboard, and come up with a song in an hour or two.

So far I’ve only come up with two complete tunes. The first has a nice texture, but also has the unfortunate quality of being all in the same key. The second is much more polished, and while it’s not terribly complex, it’s a more interesting piece overall. I haven’t figured out if I can share them, or how to share them, but I’ll mention it here if I do.

Anyway, it’s easy to run out of loops if you’re looking to put electronica together, so I think I’m going to have to work out how to get both Panther (for the speed bump) and Jam Pack (so I can get one or two more synths and a few loops to work with). I think they got me hooked on purpose… evil.

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