Monthly Archives: October 2007

iHate the iPhone (1)

Things I hate about the iPhone, in no particular order:

  1. No support for third party, native apps.
  2. Exchange support requires IMAP. Why not support the RPC mechanism?
  3. Notes don’t sync to anything meaningful on the computer(!!!).(But this is fixed in Leopard.)
  4. No support for third party, native apps. Oh, I already said that?
  5. EDGE is okay but 3G is better. Technically more of a wistful sigh than a hate.
  6. Mobile Safari crashes for no apparent reason from time to time.
  7. No podcasts available from the WiFi Music Store.
  8. Easily the most annoying for me: no Keychain Utility.
  9. No Adobe Flash support? Seriously? Rarrrgh, Hulk mad!
  10. WPA Enterprise is not supported for WiFi (only WPA Personal).
  11. Can’t play (most) audio and video attachments in email.
  12. Easily the most disappointing: no IM client.See also: No support for third party, native apps.
  13. No way to use music created in Garage Band, et al. as a ringtone.

You will note that I am not mentioning, and nor will I mention, anything about the wireless carrier. That’s a religious war, not a technical issue, and frankly it’s not a problem for me. (Draw your own conclusions on that statement, as you please.)

Don’t fret, dear reader, I have another list of things for part 2: iLove the iPhone.

UPDATE, via TUAW: Apple: “we plan to have an iPhone SDK in developers’ hands in February”This is getting spooky. Steve Jobs, are you reading my blog?

UPDATE 2: Oh yeah. Added “ringtones” above.

UPDATE 3: Notes don’t sync.