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Computers suck, redux

This poem was written on May 11, 2006. Sadly, i haven’t actually been able to share any of the new music that floats around in my head since… but i was recently inspired by someone, and have taken the keyboard out again. (You know who you are… thank you again!)

Anyway… original post follows. I’m preserving it from oblivion, because it reminds me of who I was on that date. Today looks a little brighter, by comparison.

Computers suck.

You know, like a vacuum. Which is where I feel like I’ve been, in a vacuum.


This is the sound
of my head hitting
the wall.


And again.

… and again.

Fifteen days ago I tried to upgrade
one of my computers.
It died.
I was sad.

I spent every
resurrecting the stupid thing.

When it lived again,
I cried with joy.

And then, another computer
decided that THIS TOO
was the time to get cranky.
Oh no, it didn’t crash.
It just decided to make life
for Michelle.

Not me.



Spent money getting a happy,
big, new, fast, quiet disk.
Spent a day getting it into one computer,
whose drive I stole for the cranky one.
Spent a day getting the cranky one installed
and another day getting things back to
How They Should Be.

And then, the first computer…
yes, the one mentioned at the beginning…


There I go again.

I stayed up all night
and got a few hours of sleep
and worked on it all day.

And it LIVES!

And I can go on with my life.

And extract these things from my head
and share them, again.

and this makes me