iBlog crash-after-update problem resolved

Amazing but true…

I got the .Mac version of iBlog for Jaguar when it came out. This version, 1.3.1, is a special .Mac-only version provided by Apple. It has the unfortunate problem that it doesn’t work properly with Panther iDisk support, at least according to Lifli (the author of the software) and folks in various forums. So I upgraded to 1.3.4, and that’s where my woes began.

The first feature I noticed is that iBlog outright crashed whenever I tried to publish a blog. New blog, old blog, reset publish status, even rebuild application data. (The trick to registering the update was to run the .Mac version of iBlog to reinstall the registration key, by the way. Keep your .Mac version around.)

So what was the trick?

Edit the properties on the blog itself. Under the Display pane, change the stylesheet to something else – anything else, doesn’t matter – and publish. Voila, problem went away. I even changed back to the same (default) stylesheet when I was done to verify the problem was resolved.

Woooo! I might actually start doing this a little more often.

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