Monthly Archives: July 2016

Not quite how Apple Pay works

I was reading Kohl’s Apple Pay deal illustrates why mobile wallet is a lot harder than it looks earlier, and some red flags immediately went up. The main issue seems to be the writer’s misunderstanding of how to use Apple Pay. It’s not true that you need to open the Wallet app; simply double-tap the home button (the one with the Touch ID sensor), select the card to use if you don’t want to use the default, then use Touch ID to authenticate and put your phone near the reader/terminal.

There are definitely good points in this article, and the EMV rules have taken some of the shine off of this experience. Even so, it’s a lot easier and faster than checking out at Target with their own store card.

A tale of whiskey and sorcery

An acquaintance who had up until relatively recently avoided Irish Whiskies posted a photo of a single-serving bottle of Teeling small batch Irish whiskey. I was intrigued.

I’ve particularly enjoyed Jameson 12 yr and Redbreast, previously, and so I was going to ask “sweet or smoky?” But then realized I had, right here in my hands, a marvelous artifact of magick connected to The Machine That Knows All Things (TMTKAT). I believe it’s called a Googol Machine, or The Machine That Goes Bing.

Leaving aside the conversation about whether a true Irish Whiskey gets near any sort of smoke, I knew I must inquire of TMTKAT, for whatever opinion I may have on the topic, there are distillers that produce one sort or the other; and so I asked. TMTKAT replied: “sweet/vanilla/honey/caramel.” And that precise moment was when I knew that I must add Teeling to my list.