A tale of whiskey and sorcery

An acquaintance who had up until relatively recently avoided Irish Whiskies posted a photo of a single-serving bottle of Teeling small batch Irish whiskey. I was intrigued.

I’ve particularly enjoyed Jameson 12 yr and Redbreast, previously, and so I was going to ask “sweet or smoky?” But then realized I had, right here in my hands, a marvelous artifact of magick connected to The Machine That Knows All Things (TMTKAT). I believe it’s called a Googol Machine, or The Machine That Goes Bing.

Leaving aside the conversation about whether a true Irish Whiskey gets near any sort of smoke, I knew I must inquire of TMTKAT, for whatever opinion I may have on the topic, there are distillers that produce one sort or the other; and so I asked. TMTKAT replied: “sweet/vanilla/honey/caramel.” And that precise moment was when I knew that I must add Teeling to my list.

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