Happy Christmas

The holidays are past, finally. Don’t get me wrong – I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the advent of a new year. It’s just insanely busy around here. You probably know the drill. Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), that leaves precious little time for blogging.

Of note is the fact that our new living room furniture arrived on Tuesday evening. Whilst cleaning the carpets I noticed several problems with the old sofa and decided it was time to retire the old girl. Michelle didn’t argue, so we spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon looking for something. After we got an idea of what we wanted, I decided I had to model the living room and our proposed changes, because we didn’t really know if the new pieces would fit. Enter Google Sketchup; in the space of hours over a couple of days I built a rudimentary 3D model of the major features of the room plus most of the furniture we had planned to keep. It turned out to be a good thing because one of the things we were looking at was a sofa and love seat combo… and the love seat was simply too big for the space available.

Lots more happened but I’m quite out of time at the moment. It seems that I’ve never mentioned some of the toys that have consumed my limited attention span lately (MythTV/iPod rescued!/DS Lite) but I promise, I’ll get an update about some of these soon. Four months is way too long…

One thought on “Happy Christmas

  1. SportChick

    Hehe, we just bought new furniture too (I feel like such an adult!), but alas hadn’t seen your fun little post or modeling tool. I just hope it all fits. Great to see you blog again!


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