It’s Homer and the Riffics!

Last week’s season premiere of The Simpsons didn’t leave me wanting for a good, quotable bit of dialog.

Background: A cemetery has been moved next door to the Simpsons. Lisa, being an 8 year old girl, is more than a little freaked out that her bedroom window faces the cemetery. In fact, hers is the only room that does. After a scary incident in which Homer and Marge are convinced that Lisa’s not making things up…

Homer: Back to the only safe bedroom in the house.

Lisa: What about Bart’s bedroom?

Homer: You know that race car bed I made him? The brakes are shot.

Cut to Bart’s room, where the race car bed is bumping into walls.

Bart: [bump] Ow. [bump] Ow. [bump] Ow.

A big Thank You to MattGroening, for making my life complete for at least one more television season. (Yes, that’s two distinct links, there.)

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