Getting your news fix, the GTD way

Yes, Virginia, you can get your daily dose of news without violating the principles of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. (Via Ranchero)

Thus saith Daniel Miessler:

Like many others, the urge to check the latest goings on in the blogsphere and/or news is overpowering. We simply can’t help but be distracted by the thought of something new and exciting hitting the Internet without us knowing. Much productivity is lost during the day specifically because of this phenomenon; but there?s hope. The answer lies in a two-step process – 1) using a dependable system, and 2) learning to trust that system. Sound Familiar?

The key to this method is that there is a beginning and, particularly, an end to it. By defining what “done” looks like, you can resist the temptation to chase rabbits 43 ways from Sunday.

By the way, make sure you read the comments, too.

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