He are a college gradutate

You’d think that someone would check television ads before they make it to the airwaves.

Not so, at least not for ITT Technical Institutes. I admit that I wasn’t listening to it at full volume, and I was just dying to take my eyes off of the tube for a few moments, but I swear, this is what I heard: “[ITT] allowed me to get to where I eventually want to go.”

If I heard that improperly and he said “eventually wanted to go” the sentence wouldn’t be quite so amusing. But either way, gee whiz, kids! Have you nobody that screens your graduates’ testimonials before you can the advertisement for distribution? Yes, I admit that own grammar is downright atrocious sometimes. And, further, I admit that I bend grammar to my own purposes to create a certain feel on regular occasions. News flash: I’m not selling anything here – and I’m especially not selling an educational institution’s training prowess!


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