Defragging revisited

No, this isn’t about some alternate anti-matter universe in Doom 3 where targets reassemble themselves when you shoot them… I’m talking about rearranging and optimizing the files on my iPod. I have both good news and bad news.

The good news: it is slightly more snappy when moving between songs. Perhaps that’s just subjective, but it does feel a little smoother. After all, it was pretty fragmented, which I assume is because it’s mostly full and there wasn’t much room to rearrange the data.

The bad news: the pause that I’ve seen from time to time, where the iPod “hangs” for what seems like an eternity, is still there. This happens most often when I pause while playing a song near the end of a smartlist, then scroll up to play a song near the top. This may affect normal playlists too, I don’t know. Either way, though, this minor annoyance is still present.

Oh, and on a semi-related note, after about 43 hours over 5 attempts, my Cube is finally defragged too. Running a compact followed by a full optimize did the trick. Apparently I needed to make room for some of the bigger files to move around during optimization.

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