Ten years

This past December marked ten years at my current job, and at the monthly company meeting I was recognized for that fact.

My good friend ChuckTomasi (aka Lord Chuck to you mere mortals!) put together a slide show with photos smuggled – via my own hand, no less – from my wife, as well as a number of photos that I recognized could only have come from Chuck’s collection. We’ve been working together at this job for almost eleven and a half years, including my first 15 months as a part-timer/intern. However, it’s not our first stint for the same employer. We were also both DJs at a family-owned roller rink back in the day, and then later both worked as IBM-trained Service Support Representatives at a ComputerLand store. There were clearly some photos from those early years. (I’m only thankful he didn’t pull out the “find Scott in this group photo” picture that he saved from our IBM training back in 1985.)

Perhaps I can get Chuck to get a few of those to me so that I can throw up a photo album. Some of you have remarked that there’s a very definite absence of photos of me. This would fit the bill, to be sure. For now, though, you’ll have to be content with whatever self-portrait I’ve put on top of the navigator…

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