iPod mini dock

Unlike the iTrip, I’ve been enjoying the iPod mini dock almost since I opened the box.

An obvious feature – which I didn’t pick up from reading anything about it – was the line out jack on the back of the dock. It’s a line level output jack… or in other words, you can connect it to your audio system pretty easily. Of course, you can still use your headphones through the jack on the iPod when it’s docked. In either case you simply unmount the iPod from your Mac’s desktop and play your tunes (or your podcasts?) in the usual manner. And all this while topping off the battery of your iPod! Now, how much would you pay for all of this? Don’t answer yet…

The combination of a (dockable) iPod, the dock, and a set of signal-activated, powered desktop speakers also turns into a nifty alarm clock. The real problem here is that the dock is most useful if it’s near your computer. If your spouse/roommate doesn’t appreciate the pulsing, throbbing glow of a slumbering Mac – much less the full-on glare of an active display – chances are you’re either going to have to move the dock around, or buy two. Or more, but that really turns it into a bit of a pricey proposition.

Now how much would you pay? But wait, there’s more!

Well, um, maybe not.


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