The marionette has been loosed

Finally, freedom from the cassette adapter that I’ve had in the car for so many years. Though I still need to keep it around should I want to connect the CD player in the car… like that’ll happen!

After a mere 4 month wait, I’ve acquired a Griffin Technology iTrip for my iPod mini. I opted to get the “normal” version of the iTrip because of reports about suboptimal range on the “mini” version, plus I wanted to save a dollar or two. Frankly, I don’t care if it’s a seamless integration, at least in terms of aesthetics. The estimated ship date from the Apple Store was October 12; I was pleasantly surprised that it shipped the same evening I ordered it (October 7). The UPS man brought me my toy this afternoon.

I’m reasonably pleased with it so far. The only thing that went wrong would’ve been resolved simply if I had read the instructions first. It’s now happily broadcasting on 88.5 MHz.

The only comment I have about the iTrip so far is that the frequency response isn’t really pleasing; it’s rated for 15-15000 Hz. I wish it had a bit more on the high end, to be honest. We’ll see what it sounds like in the car, though with my current work schedule, perhaps not until Wednesday.

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