Have you ever wondered “why sheep?”

I’m sure there’s some really interesting culturally significant story that relates sheep to sleeping, or the lack and subsequent pursuit thereof. Maybe that’s something y’all can ask Google. Drop me a line if you find out. I just think it’s strange.

I wonder how many people see the same Live Links commercials on television. I saw them in Raleigh when I was there. They were waiting for me to call when I went there, too. Wait, you don’t suppose they’re following me around, do you? I’ll look for proof when I visit Boulder.

Do you know where the name “M&M’s” came from? And why aren’t there more orange ones? Isn’t orange the coolest? What rhymes with “orange” anyway? Do you ever have battles between the different colors of M&M’s to see if the weak Orange, Green, and Blue armies can band together to defeat the Evil Brown Empire? (Especially since the Browns lost their close ally, the Tans.) I don’t. You’re weird.

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