More adventures with X-Lite

Yes, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. While X-Lite version 2.0 build 1101 – the currently available public release – is largely successful at what it does, it still has its share of problems, including a fatal flaw.

I’ve heard back that the audio workaround isn’t doing the trick for someone with an older PowerMac. That’s unfortunate, but I guess if it were that simple, the problem would already be resolved. There’s also the problem with the output audio dropout that I’ve mentioned a couple of times.

However, the nastiest issue of all is the memory requirement (both real RAM and virtual) of build 1101. If you don’t have at least 768 MB of RAM installed you probably don’t even want to try this out yet. Even with a cool GB of RAM in the PowerBook, it’s very sluggish when starting up and quitting.

The good news? The next public release should fix all of these issues – certainly the serious ones, at least. Let’s hope it arrives soon.

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