If I didn’t know better…

I would say I am morphing into some X-Files -esque nocturnal creature.

Once again it’s 2 a.m. and I’m writing an entry.

Here I sit, waiting for Outlook to permanently delete a gajillion messages to Postmaster that nobody every reads anyway. Heaven help me if I delete them all, though, because then someone will need debugging and I will have deleted all of the evidence.

Not that I wasn’t always a night creature, by the way, but lately it seems I have shifted every so slowly in the wrong direction. All of this is happening in spite of the fact that I’ve had numerous early or semi-early days that I’ve had to be up, most recently Monday the 8th because Michelle was out of town for almost two hours before anyone else got up.

There are multiple nasty germs around the house at the moment. There’s a nice set of broad spectrum antibiotics getting pumped into various children to combat ear infections and pneumonia. I hope the ear infections aren’t contagious. I don’t want to get an ear infection. (Would you?)

I sure am glad Chuck is back this week. It’s nice to have a full complement of staff. People have been out for various (legitimate) reasons and it’s difficult to get things done when you’re short on staff. Of course, that’s obvious, but thanks for letting me get that off of my chest.

Look on the bright side. At least this wasn’t written by monkeys. Seriously.

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