Getting back to “normal”

Normal as an abstract concept… well, I thought it was an abstract concept. What is “normal” anyway? Why do I care? Is it normal to be normal?

What with the holidays and all, and then the discovery that something was eating my email alive, it’s been a little rough to keep up on things. However, I’ve got a good handle on it now. I had to sort through 55 MB of restored email, remove the duplicates, junk the spam, and file the rest. The nice thing is my inbox is now clean for every mail account – first time in a few months. Amazing, to say the least. But it feels good. All in all there are still nearly 50 messages that I need to deal with, nearly all of which have arrived since January 1.

My trip to Raleigh NC went pretty well. Got plenty of work stuff caught up, filling details into Life Balance, processed mucho email and managed to spent a lot of time doing what I was sent to do, train the new systems admin there. It was relaxing and enjoyable, as far as that goes. However, it was nearly 6 days away from my family, after a rebooked flight on the way home due to weather delays the day I was to arrive home. My girls really missed me and were driving Michelle insane after Granmda left. Which reminds me, I’m going on another week-long business trip, this time to Boulder CO. Fortunately that one is timed to coincide with Mercedes’ spring break vacation, so they’ll all be going up to visit family as is the custom, and I would normally be working anyway.

Time to go. I’m actually going to go sleep tonight, since I only got 2.5 hrs last night. (This is what happens when you have 1600 email messages and you get “in the zone” sorting things through. Or maybe it was the Dr. Pepper… nah, couldn’t be.) G’night, and stuff.

PS – If you’re really interested in Life Balance, I highly recommend using it as a tool to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done…Fast! system. By itself it’s a framework that implements some really nifty ideas, but the power lies in how you manipulate that framework.

PPS – Happy Leap Day!

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