It’s been a long time, dear readers

I’m humbled to see that, despite seeing no readers listed on the FeedBurner stats page the last time – well, the last many times I checked – that there are actually a few people who have me in their aggregators, and apparently are updating regularly.

It’s been difficult since September to keep up on this. That’s were you started seeing gaps in the several-times-daily updates. By mid-October it was verging on impossible, and on November 1 I managed to squeak out one last entry before the U.S. elections.

A combination of some organizational changes at work, at least 3 separate bouts with the common cold, and of course the holidays and all that entails have conspired to keep me more than busy enough to have no time to scour reference material for this blog, much less update it. I even went for several weeks without opening my aggregator at one point.

Thanks for reading. There’s more rolling around in my brain. It’s just a matter of time before it comes spilling out…

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