Read this before you vote.

Interviewing with the Guardian, novelist Tom Wolfe thinks that the liberal elite “hasn’t got a clue.” (Via my co-worker Steve)

The article is not overtly partisan. One could actually take a few points as reasons to vote for Kerry, and others to vote for Bush. However, it’s the insight into the minds of the elite that is most interesting, here.

On an unrelated note, it seems likely that I’ve run out of gas on this blog. That there are two of them I’ve maintained over the last several months is clearly not helping matters, either, and now neither of them are getting attention. It also hasn’t helped that Feed Burner is reporting approximately zero readers except when I “ping” them… and that’s okay, really, but not quite what I hoped for. Finally, I’ve got another “secret” project I’m working on that’s completely unrelated to blogging and sucking away large chunks of reading time.

Since November 2 is literally around the corner as I write this, I’m not sure there’s much more that I will have to say – provided the election is clear cut. Here’s hoping that it’s all over before the calendar turns to November 3.

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