I hate to say it, but…

I told you so.

Well, not really. Not much at all.

Via Tom Maguire, via Rich Lowry, this AP story:

March 5, 2005 – BAGHDAD – As more people lose loved ones to the relentless terrorism, Iraqis are becoming increasingly angry at the rebels, even staging public demonstrations condemning them.
… Yesterday, hostility to the insurgency boiled over into bloodshed in Wihda, 25 miles south of Baghdad. Townsmen attacked militants thought to be planning a raid on the town and killed seven of them, police Capt. Hamadi al-Zubeidy reported.

I’m actually more than a little concerned at the second paragraph. One would hope that there’s enough of a legal system in place that vigilantism shouldn’t be necessary. However, if there is a silver lining to this, it’s that popular support for the terrorists is waning.


I told you so.

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