Wait, say that again

“But there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction! We weren’t in imminent danger!”


So, what’s your point?

The far left wants you to believe that even if it doesn’t go all the way up to the top, the President is ultimately responsible for the “debacle” in Iraq. And you know, they may have a point, to a certain extent. I don’t entirely buy the Administration’s line that they were operating with the best information available. The President can probably get off the hook with that one. However, I can’t help but think the people feeding him information had their own agendas.

One of the things that’s been clear from the start – and would be to the left if they actually bothered to pay attention for longer than 5 seconds while looking into the subject – is this: it has never been about a one-dimensional effort to rid the world of the terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. As documented by Norm Geras, public US and British statements in the months leading up to the war addressed both human rights and the need to bring democratic government to Iraq. Repeated suggestions that these are mere post-invasion justifications are both ignorant and false.

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