So, when can you leave?

FOX News reports on the considerable uptick of hits on Canada’s immigration web site from the United States, just after the U.S. elections this past November.

Quoth FOX:

“I just don’t know if I can live here for four more years [of Bush],” said 31-year-old Corrie Safris, who works in film production in Los Angeles.
“People will probably be like, ‘Those crazy Hollywood liberals,’ but [when Bush won] we were genuinely upset. We were crying. There was this sad mood throughout L.A., it almost felt as if someone had died,” said Safris, who flirted with the idea of emigrating after the November election.

This is exactly the kind of hyperbole I’d expect from the far left. Sadly, and some would say obviously, it was too good to be true.

Note to our Canadian friends: if they haven’t left yet, they’re not coming. You’re probably better off without them, anyway.

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